Oktoberfest, FU (friends unite)

Only 1 of 2 carboys made it through this brewday

Now that triathlon season is over, (at least for me), I started work on my other obsession.


Some friends are throwing an Oktoberfest party at the end of September, which left me just enough time to get a Oktoberfest/Märzen batch started.  The beer’s name comes from a phrase we use to greet each other, “F.U.!” –which as everyone knows, stands for “Friends Unite.”

For a brand new recipe [download], the brew day went exceptionally well…until the end.  I managed to drop one of my brand new carboys on the concrete.  Fortunately it was only full of sanitizer.  Though it wasn’t my intention, this may wind up to be an interesting experiment on contamination between plastic and glass vessels.

I rarely have contamination problems, but I noticed that my plastic buckets were starting to absorb stains more quickly due to some superficial scratches.  Thus I went ahead and finally bought some glass carboys.  I will be purchasing some better carboy carriers in the near future to.  Both 5 gallon batches should come out fine; I bleached (and rinsed) the heck out of the plastic bucket.  Here are the stats thus far:

Calculated Actual
Pre-Boil Gravity 1.044 1.042
Original Gravity 1.053 1.056
Final Volume 10 Gallons 10 Gallons
IBU 25.6
ABV 5.2%