Write about it

I came across a great article by Matt Swanson and the idea of sharing what you are doing or making via some kind of mode of communication because of the opportunities generated through like-minded people. While I have admittedly oversimplified the concept, and I am not searching for any kind of opportunity–the point resonated with me.

The level of commitment is ridiculously low. It takes 10 minutes to setup a blog and start writing. But sharing what you are doing is incredibly rewarding.

I have lots of hobbies, which I try to attach to my goals.  I like my hobbies, so this usually leads me to want to achieve my goals.  At the same time like a leisurely walk through the park, I often do not hold myself accountable to the direction or speed at which my goals are being completed.  Point is, if a quick 10 minute exercise helps me organize my thoughts or hold myself accountable, then I should try a little harder to make the time.  This is my first attempt.